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How to Correct Tired-Looking Eyes

Authored by Dr. Karan Chopra

A woman examining and pulling at her eyes in the mirrorOne of the first places where tiredness and aging show up is around our eyes. The skin is thinner in this region and blood vessels are more visible; therefore, when we’re tired, your eyes sometimes swell and look gray or bluish. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to correct tired eyes, ranging from home remedies to minimally invasive cosmetic procedures and even plastic surgery.

In this article, Dr. Karan Chopra — one of the most talented facial plastic surgeons in Minnesota — explains your options for correcting tired eyes. Dr. Chopra is a plastic surgeon who was fellowship-trained in oculoplastic and facial aesthetics, in addition to completing a full plastic and reconstructive surgery fellowship at Johns Hopkins Hospital. Dr. Chopra has helped hundreds of patients achieve their aesthetic goals with either surgical or non-surgical interventions.

What are the Causes of Tired-Looking Eyes?

If you suffer from allergies or other conditions that cause inflammation, such as blepharitis, this can also contribute to your tired-looking eyes. Treating the underlying medical condition can help improve the appearance of your eyes.

If you have dark circles under your eyes, this can also make you look tired. While there are a number of possible causes for dark circles, one of the most common factors is simply genetics. If you have family members with under-eye dark circles, you’re more likely to have them yourself. Other possible causes of dark circles include dehydration, sleeping on your back (which allows fluid to pool in your lower eyelids), and sun exposure (which can cause skin to become thin and discolored).

How to Fix Tired Eyes Naturally

A woman sleeping on her side in bedMany people rely on caffeine to help them get through the day. While it may give you a temporary energy boost, it can also lead to dehydration which exacerbates tiredness. To prevent this, drink plenty of water throughout the day and limit your intake of caffeinated beverages.

There are several things you can do to naturally fix tired-looking eyes, including:

Treating Tired Eyes with Injectables

If natural solutions to correct your tired-looking eyes fail to deliver results, then it might be time for something else. If you’re looking for a more long-term solution to tired eyes, there are a number of injectable options available. These include:

How to Treat Tired Eyes and Under-Eye Bags with Fillers

Fillers can also be used to treat tired eyes and under-eye bags. For tired eyes, fillers can be injected into the tear troughs, which are the hollow areas below your eyes. This can help improve the appearance of dark circles and make tired eyes look less sunken.

For under-eye bags, Dr. Chopra does not recommend the use of a filler. Many times, fillers in patients with eye bags or excess skin can produce an unnatural result that then requires surgery to repair. If you have issues from fillers injected elsewhere, Dr. Chopra can offer solutions to help fix your issues resulting from filler injections around the eyes. Certain fillers can be injected into the muscles around your eyes. This can help relax the muscles and reduce the appearance of bags.

Improving the Skin Texture Around the Eyes

A woman applying eye creamIf you have wrinkled or crepey skin around your eyes, there are a number of things you can do to improve skin texture, including:

Surgical Options to Correct Tired Eyes

After a certain age or when signs of tiredness become severe, injectables may no longer deliver the desired results. This might be a good time to look int surgical options. If you’re wanting more than injectables and are looking for a more permanent solution to tired eyes, there are a number of surgical options available. These include:

If you’re considering any of these surgical options, please consult with Dr. Karan Chopra, an experienced Minnesota plastic surgeon, to discuss your specific needs and goals. Contact Dr. Chopra today to set up an appointment.

FAQs About Surgical & Non-Surgical Methods to Correct Tired Eyes

What can I do to make my eyes appear more youthful?

A woman pulling at and examining her under eye bags in the mirrorThere are a few different things you can do to make your eyes appear younger. Hyaluronic acid filler injections are the most common solution, and they can be used for a variety of purposes, including skin boosters and tear trough fillers. If the eyes are tired because of a structural problem, surgery may be a better option than other treatments. Excess skin and fat can be removed from the upper and/or lower eyelids through surgical procedures known as eyelid lifts. You also have the option of getting brow lift surgery, which is a procedure that raises the eyebrows and tightens the region of the upper face.

What makes the eyes appear tired?

Tired eyes might have various causes. Most often, aging thins and causes a loss of suppleness in the skin. This can cause extra skin, wrinkles, and under-eye hollowing. Fatigue or lack of sleep, allergies or sinus issues, excess screen time, smoking, a poor diet, and dehydration are also common causes of tired-looking eyes.

What gives my eyes the appearance of being tired and droopy?

The most prevalent reason for eyes that are puffy and tired-looking is just getting older. The majority of cases involving ptosis (drooping) are simply due to the natural aging process. The skin and muscles of the eyelids become lax and less strong as a natural consequence of aging. This results in extra skin, which can make the affected area appear saggy.

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Medical References about Surgical and Non- Surgical Methods to Correct Tired Eyes

This blog has been authored by “Dr. Joe” Gryskiewicz MD, FACS and Karan Chopra, MD.

About Dr. Joe Gryskiewicz:

Dr. Joe Gryskiewicz is a board-certified plastic surgeon with over 30 years of experience performing aesthetic surgery. He is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons and belongs to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, The Aesthetic Society, The Rhinoplasty Society, and many other national institutions.

About Dr. Karan Chopra:

Dr. Karan Chopra is a board-certified and fellowship-trained plastic surgeon who specializes in the deep plane facelift and neck lift, blepharoplasty, buccal fat removal, breast augmentation, and many other aesthetic procedures. He belongs to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, The Aesthetic Society, and The Minnesota Society of Plastic Surgeons, among many other professional organizations.