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Breast Augmentation with Lift

Mastopexy is a procedure designed to elevate the nipple-areolar complex and tighten the breast skin envelope. The procedure is used when the nipple height is below the breast crease, which often happens following childbirth or breast-feeding. A very mild relaxation of the breast may be corrected with implants by removing the crescent of the skin from the upper half of the areola, or with the dual-plane breast augmentation procedure. When the nipple is well below the crease, the breast laxity is more severe and will probably require additional incisions and skin removal. Breast implants inserted during a mastopexy can increase the firmness and size of the breasts.

If there ever was a procedure that has to be tailored to the individual, it’s the mastopexy. Each patient’s anatomy varies, so it is extremely important not only to be aware of all of your options but also to discuss your procedure extensively with your surgeon.

Your surgeon will do a breast examination and take careful measurements of your nipples in relation to other parts of your breasts and torso. Perhaps you’ll only need a lift on one side. The size and shape you expect may not match what a surgeon has in mind, so bring in pictures to show your doctor what you envision. Your doctor should also give you a general idea of where your areola and nipple will be positioned.

Mastopexy is very much a three-dimensional operation. If you combine it with a breast augmentation, which is also highly three-dimensional, be prepared to experience some differences from one side to the other. This may not happen, but the odds increase as you add two procedures together. Another complication when combining mastopexy with implants can occur if the muscle attachments are not properly released or the skin envelope isn’t tightened. In this case, the nipple can be forced downward, creating a “double-bubble” look as the breast hangs off the high-riding implant.

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