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While female genitals naturally vary in appearance, women with enlarged, asymmetrical, or uneven labia can experience a number of functional and aesthetic concerns. In addition to feelings of self-consciousness or embarrassment that can arise with the appearance of elongated labia, excess labial tissue often causes pain and discomfort when performing certain activities, such as sitting, riding a bike, or engaging in sexual intimacy. Minneapolis plastic surgeon Joe Gryskiewicz, MD offers the labiaplasty procedure for patients who seek to alleviate these symptoms or who simply wish to rejuvenate their feminine wellness.

What is Labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure designed to reshape or recontour labial tissue. It is often used to address labia minora hypertrophy, which occurs when the inner labial folds extend past the outer labial folds. Labia minora hypertrophy can exist as a condition present since birth or can develop due to childbearing, aging, or menopause. While this usually does not present a health risk, nor does it typically require any medical treatment, individuals with enlarged labia often pursue labiaplasty to relieve irritation caused by friction, pressure, or twisting and tugging of the labial tissue. The surgery can also cosmetically refine the labia to create a more symmetrical or balanced appearance, if desired.

What Can Labiaplasty Do For Me?

Labia reduction surgery can achieve many benefits for patients concerned with the appearance or physical symptoms of elongated labia, including:

In general, a labiaplasty may be considered when enlarged labial tissue diminishes one’s quality of life or stops individuals from fully engaging in certain activities. The best candidates for surgery are patients who maintain realistic expectations for the outcome of the procedure. If you are unsure whether you could benefit from labiaplasty surgery, Dr. Joe can assess your needs and goals during a consultation to help you determine your candidacy. Many women undergo labiaplasty as part of a comprehensive Mommy Makeover, a unique series of treatments personalized to restore your pre-pregnancy figure.

What is the Labiaplasty Procedure Like?

Depending on your surgical goals, labiaplasty is designed to reduce the length of the labia minora, restore symmetry in the labia, and/or remove excess labial tissue. The procedure is usually performed on an outpatient basis and uses local anesthesia. Using precise techniques, Dr. Joe is careful to place incisions along the natural contours of the labia for a discreet and natural-looking result. To excise redundant tissue, Dr. Joe may employ a trim approach which places a straight-line incision along the edge of the labia. Alternatively, he may use a wedge incision to remove and reshape labial tissue according to your desires. Any incisions are typically closed with absorbable sutures. Dr. Joe will go over all of the details of your unique operation prior to surgery so you are well-informed of what will take place during the procedure.

What is Recovery Like for Labiaplasty?

After labiaplasty, there will be temporary tenderness and/or swelling in the treated area. This will dissipate as healing progresses, but discomfort can usually be managed well with oral pain medication. Many patients feel well enough to return to work within a few days; however, strenuous physical activity, sexual intercourse, and tampon use should be avoided for four to six weeks. Following the procedure, women typically express immense satisfaction from both the resolved symptoms of elongated labia and their rejuvenated labial appearance. The results of labiaplasty will generally improve as swelling continues to go down.

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