Deep Neck Lift

When the supportive tissues of the neck begin to relax and weaken, your facial profile may be obscured by some combination of sagging skin, excess fat, and muscle laxity. While some neck lift techniques simply focus on removing loose skin to produce a tighter look, a deep neck lift is a dynamic procedure designed to work beneath the supportive platysma muscle. By focusing on the muscle and underlying fat, a deep neck lift can completely resculpt the neck contours and achieve results that look elegant and natural. Board-certified plastic surgeon Karan Chopra, MD is one of few providers in the region who perform a deep neck lift, allowing patients to more effectively reclaim a sleek, contoured neck and jawline.

What is a Deep Neck Lift?

A deep neck lift is a complex facial plastic surgery procedure designed to sharpen and define your lower face and neck with results that last longer than other neck lift techniques. This is accomplished by operating in the plane beneath the platysma muscle and fascia, leaving the skin attached to the muscle and avoiding the overly tight look associated with decades-old face and neck lifting techniques. Simply put, a deep neck lift focuses on removing deeper fat, softening enlarged glands, and repositioning the muscle. In contrast, other traditional techniques just pull the skin and liposuction the fat out right under the skin. However, this fat is important for maintaining a youthful, plush, and soft look later in life. The result of Dr. Chopra’s technique is a more natural-looking, enduring, and powerful rejuvenation of the neck contours that can restore the youthful and well-defined angles of the lower face.

Is a Neck Lift Right for Me?

If you are bothered by excessive wrinkling of your neck skin, platysmal bands, or a hanging look in the lower face (often called a “turkey neck”), you can likely benefit from a deep neck lift. This procedure is known for achieving the longest-lasting neck lift results and can provide powerful, long-term rejuvenation of the lower face and neck. Patients interested in a neck lift should generally be:

For many patients, a facelift performed with the same deep plane technique can be the perfect complement to their neck lift. A deep plane facelift is designed to reposition the muscle and tissue that support the face within the SMAS layer. Both procedures address the deeper planes of the face rather than just the skin, often allowing truly remarkable results. Our before-and-after photos showcase some of the stunning outcomes achieved by patients who received a facelift plus deep neck lift, and we invite you to explore our patient gallery to see examples of how the procedure can give you a more youthful and defined look in the lower face.

How is the Deep Neck Lift Procedure Performed?

A deep neck lift is performed as an outpatient procedure under general anesthesia. Unlike older lifting techniques that solely focus on the overlying skin, a deep neck lift works beneath the platysma — the layer of muscle responsible for maintaining support for the neck. Your procedure is designed and customized specifically for your unique facial anatomy. Very few plastic surgeons are experienced in performing a deep neck lift, which is why Dr. Chopra is thrilled to offer Minneapolis patients the natural and beautiful results achieved with this complex technique.

During a deep neck lift, Dr. Chopra works underneath the layer of musculature in the neck. This allows him to reposition and release the muscle while removing any excess fat, which often resides under the platysma muscle. Dr. Chopra removes/repositions this fat to create more definition in the lower face, meticulously contouring the neck and jawline. Incisions are placed under the chin in discreet, undetectable locations to maintain natural-looking results.

For relatively younger patients (usually under 45 years old) who do not require a facelift with their neck lift, the deep plane technique can yield amazing results. In many cases, only a two-inch incision under the chin is necessary to transform the profile of the lower face and neck, eliminating the need for incisions around the ears. Not only can this make you look younger, but the technique also tends to highlight a patient’s natural beauty and make them more attractive overall.

What Can I Expect From the Recovery Period After a Neck Lift?

After a deep neck lift, reactions like swelling, tenderness, numbness, or bruising are common and to be expected. Fortunately, Dr. Chopra uniquely employs a series of nerve blocks during recovery rather than using the traditional “mummy wrap” placed on patients after facial procedures. This helps reduce swelling and enhances patient comfort as you heal from your procedure. The initial healing period typically lasts two weeks, after which most patients are able to return to work and their normal routines (barring strenuous activity). Exercise and anything laborious should be avoided for at least six weeks, or until Dr. Chopra instructs otherwise.

Typically, Dr. Chopra recommends a bland diet to reduce saliva production and low-salt intake to reduce swelling. One of the most important factors that enhance the recovery period is manual lymphatic drainage after surgery. Dr. Chopra works with a local lymphatic drainage expert who performs these treatments and teaches patients how to perform them at home. Extensive post-operative instructions will be provided and thoroughly explained when you meet with Dr. Chopra in person.

How Much Does a Deep Neck Lift Cost?

Neck lift costs vary by geographic location as well as the experience of your plastic surgeon; therefore, there is no set price for a deep neck lift. Like all surgical procedures, the cost of a neck lift is estimated once your treatment plan is fully developed. Every patient receives a personalized quote based on the details of their facial rejuvenation, but the general price range (including surgeon’s fees, anesthesia costs, operating fees, etc.) varies from $12,500 to $14,500 depending on:

A deep neck lift is frequently performed as part of a more comprehensive treatment plan, often including Buccal Fat Removal, facelift surgery, or chin implants. If you opt to include these procedures into your neck lift, this will also affect the total cost. Our team will review your surgical plan and break down your cost estimate during your appointment.

After you discuss your goals with Dr. Chopra in a consultation, our office would be happy to explain our plastic surgery financing options with you if desired. Our Minneapolis office accepts CareCredit® and ALPHAEON™ Credit, which are leading healthcare lending companies that provide qualified patients with short- and long-term financing plans to fit their budgetary needs. Please call our practice if you have any other questions about the cost of a neck lift or our payment options.

A deep neck lift is often considered one of the most technically difficult and long-lasting neck lift procedures available, which is why selecting an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon is vitally important to attaining your desired results. Please contact Gryskiewicz & Chopra Twin Cities Cosmetic Surgery to schedule a consultation with Dr. Karan Chopra today.

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