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cryprobe unparalleledThe CryoProbe™ is a cutting-edge cryotherapy device designed to remove unwanted, benign lesions from the surface of the skin. This is accomplished using controlled cooling technology, which destroys the lesion by exposing it to extremely cold temperatures. If you have ever wished you could remove an embarrassing mole, the CryoProbe™ from our Minneaopolis med spa now makes it possible to safely eliminate a range of unwanted blemishes with less discomfort than similar treatments.

What is Cryotherapy?

The CryoProbe™ works through the science of cryotherapy, an innovative technique that applies freezing or near-freezing temperatures during medical and cosmetic treatments. In addition to the ability to safely “freeze” off skin tags, cryotherapy can also be used to soothe painful joints, alleviate muscle pain, reduce excess fat, and decrease swelling. The CryoProbe™ stands out as a dynamic treatment to remove blemishes because it does not use potentially dangerous cryogenic liquids. Instead, a cold jet of nitrous oxide is emitted directly from the CryoProbe™ applicator to the blemish with pen-point precision.

What Can the CryoProbe™ Treat?

cryoprobe coverThis non-invasive cryotherapy treatment can remove an array of unwanted or painful growths with zero downtime, including:

What are the Benefits of Cryotherapy with the CryoProbe™?

Treatment with the CryoProbe™ is typically suitable for both children and adults, offering an advanced and knife-free method of removing unwanted pigmentation. In addition to being less invasive than surgery, patients can enjoy the following benefits with CryoProbe™:

During your consultation, our registered nurse or licensed aesthetician can evaluate your concerns and recommend a treatment plan based on your needs.

How is Treatment with the CryoProbe™ Performed?

A treatment session with the CryoProbe™ usually only takes a few minutes and patients can immediately return to their normal routines afterward. There is no need for anesthesia or topical numbing agents. During treatment, a pressurized jet of nitrous oxide will be emitted from the CryoProbe™ tip straight into the targeted cells. The freezing temperature works to freeze the fluid contents of the growth, crystallize the lesion, and rupture the cell membrane. Depending on the size of the affected area, this process usually takes 10 to 25 seconds. In some cases, a second cycle may be recommended in a freeze-thaw-freeze technique for the best results. After treatment, the area may sting and will likely scab over in the next few days. The sore should heal in one to four weeks depending on where the lesion is located and your skin’s unique rate of healing. In some cases, two treatments are recommended to completely eliminate the blemish.

How Much Does CryoProbe™ Cryotherapy Cost?

The cost of CryoProbe™ therapy will be personalized according to your needs. Factors that can affect the total price include:

Please contact Gryskiewicz Twin Cities Cosmetic Surgery to schedule a consultation for CryoProbe™ cryotherapy or our other medical spa services.