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En Bloc Capsulectomy

En bloc capsulectomy is a version of breast implant removal that extracts the implant and surrounding scar tissue at the same time, leaving the implant encased in the scar capsule at the time of removal. This procedure is one possible technique capable of extracting your implants, as well as any residual scar tissue or leakage. Since one of the prime benefits of en bloc surgery is the decreased risk of silicone and chemical leakage, this procedure is preferred by many plastic surgeons when addressing implants that are ruptured, old, or silicone-filled.

Although a capsulectomy aims to remove both the implant and scar capsule, not all capsulectomy procedures are performed using the en bloc approach—for example, a surgeon performing a total capsulectomy may open the scar capsule, remove the implants, and then subsequently remove the surrounding scar tissue. An en bloc capsulectomy specifically refers to the simultaneous removal of the implant and scar tissue while the implant remains inside the unbroken scar capsule. Dr. Joe Gryszkiewicz, our highly experienced plastic surgeon, will talk to you about your concerns to determine the best possible approach to your breast implant removal surgery.

What are the Benefits of the En Bloc Technique?

En bloc surgery can have many essential benefits when compared to other methods of breast implant removal. Results will vary for each patient, but several factors may make an en bloc procedure the ideal option to remove your implants. Dr. Joe will thoroughly explain every possible removal technique and help determine the best approach to achieve your goals.

It’s important to understand that certain factors unique to your case — such as the size and thickness of your scar capsule — may prevent the complete removal of all scar tissue. Your plastic surgeon will speak with you further about this possibility during your consultation. In any case, our team is committed to developing a treatment plan that maximizes your health, safety, and appearance.

Who is a Candidate for En Bloc Surgery?

Candidacy for the en bloc technique is generally determined on a case-by-case basis based on your medical history and physical examinations of your breasts and implants. Studies and clinical results have indicated that the procedure can be an excellent option for women who:

Dr. Joe understands that the decision to remove your breast implants for your health and/or peace of mind is a personal choice. No matter your reason for breast implant removal, our plastic surgeon will fully inform you of the advantages, risks, and limitations of the en bloc technique so you’re able to make an educated decision about your care. Dr. Joe can also suggest another explantation procedure in cases wherein the risks of surgery outweigh the potential benefits.

En Bloc Capsulectomy Consultation

Dr. Joe has considerable experience performing en bloc capsulectomy and would be happy to discuss this procedure to Minneapolis and/or out-of-town patients seeking breast implant removal. It’s important to note that depending on how thin the capsule is, as well as how tightly the scar tissue adheres to the chest wall, en bloc implant removal may not be possible. Along the same vein, complete extraction of all scar tissue may not be feasible in situations where removing a portion of the capsule threatens injury to the lungs or other tissues. In these cases, Dr. Joe will take the appropriate steps to enable proper sterilization of the remaining capsule. Rest assured that your plastic surgeon will review your medical history and anatomical indicators to determine the best method of explantation for you.

How is the En Bloc Implant Removal Procedure Performed?

En bloc surgery is typically performed under general anesthesia. An overnight stay is not required, and your plastic surgeon will fully inform you of what to expect from the procedure. Removing your implants with the en bloc technique usually requires an incision along the inframammary (breast) fold that is long enough to remove the entire scar capsule. If the capsule is too large to be reasonably removed through a single incision, Dr. Joe may suggest another explantation approach. When the incision is made, your plastic surgeon will carefully ensure that the capsule is adequately separated from the breast tissue. If the scar tissue adheres to the rib cage or the capsule is particularly thin, Dr. Joe will try to safely remove as much of the scar capsule as possible. The breast pocket is then cleansed of bacteria and the incision is closed. Another procedure may be recommended to restore a natural-looking appearance to your breasts after the removal procedure, such as a breast lift or fat transfer breast augmentation. Your plastic surgeon will discuss this option with you during your consultation.

En Bloc Removal of a Patient – Implant Removed En Bloc with Capsule Intact

*Individual results may vary

Interoperative Procedure Demonstrating Our En Bloc Technique for En Bloc Removal

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En Bloc Removal of an Extremely Thin Capsule Using Fine Instruments

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Cultures and DNA Testing of Removed Material

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To learn more about en bloc capsulectomy procedures, or to schedule a consultation, please contact our plastic surgeon at Gryskiewicz Twin Cities Cosmetic Surgery.