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What Causes Saggy Breasts – Causes and Solutions of Sagging Breasts

Written By Joe Gryskiewicz, MD, FACS

A woman smiling and looking at the cameraSaggy breasts are completely normal with aging or after breastfeeding. Every woman undergoes sagging of the breasts as she gets older – the degree of sagging is determined by several factors including skin quality, genetics, weight fluctuation and pregnancy. For some people, saggy breasts can trigger physical and emotional discomfort – this is where Breast Surgery can help.

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What Are Saggy Breasts?

A woman smiling and looking at her laptop, in a cafe settingIn the medical world, the term “breast ptosis” is used to describe saggy breasts. You can experience saggy breasts at any stage of your life. It can be characterized by the lowering of your breast on the chest wall, downward pointing nipples and a noticeable reduction in the breast firmness and/or volume. In other words, your breasts might look deflated and hanging too low on the chest wall.

Saggy breasts or breast ptosis can lead to serious psychological and emotional distress. Breast lift surgery can help improve your breasts’ appearance and make them lifted and perkier once again.

Do I have Saggy Breasts?

Our body undergoes continuous changes throughout life, and saggy breasts are just one of those changes. Medically speaking, saggy breasts or ptosis is drooping of breast tissue and loss of breast contour. As you grow older, your breast shape and size tend to change.

Here are some of the indications that might help to identify that your breasts are sagging and you might need to see a plastic surgeon:

If you are experiencing any of the above-mentioned conditions, it’s probably the right time to see your surgeon and ask for advice.

What Causes Saggy Breasts?

In a medical context, saggy breasts or ptosis is mostly the result of Cooper’s Ligaments stretching with age. These are the naturally occurring suspensory ligaments (basically connective tissues) composed of some elastin and collagen. They serve as a connection between the breast tissues and chest muscles, thus maintaining the overall structure and appearance of the breasts. Over time, these ligaments stretch out leading to saggy breasts.

Normally, we blame this on gravity, but there are several other causes that could be responsible for saggy breasts:

How to Prevent Saggy Breasts

A woman holding a yoga pose. She is outside and next to a pool.A mentioned, several factors are contributing to saggy breasts. Since it’s a natural process, you can’t completely avoid saggy breasts, but several noninvasive strategies can help reduce breast sagginess to some extent. Here are some of the things you can try to delay the occurrence of saggy breasts:

Breast Lift Surgery – The Best Solution for Saggy Breasts

A woman smiling while jogging outsideThe ideas above can help you delay the occurrence of breast sagging, but it’s very difficult to rectify breast ptosis once your breasts have started to lose most of their perkiness and shape.

At this stage, natural remedies or preventive measures won’t be as effective and you need to see your surgeon. After examination, your plastic surgeon will recommend the most suitable surgical technique.

Our plastic surgeons can help you achieve youthful, perky breasts once again. To schedule a consultation session with Dr Joe today, click here. Here are some of the surgical options, you might consider for your surgical procedure:

FAQs about Saggy Breasts and Breast Lift Surgery

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