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Belotero Balance®

Belotero® is a dermal filler that can help erase facial wrinkles and repair aging skin. Belotero® is a hyaluronic filler that is designed to add subtle volume and plumpness to facial tissue. Belotero® was developed by Merz Aesthetics for the correction of moderate-to-severe facial wrinkles and folds. What makes this product different from the older fillers is that it is a softer gel that will more easily integrate into facial skin to smooth out the creases and lines of the face.

Belotero® is safe and no serious adverse events were reported during the study or throughout treatments in Europe. Only mild side effects were noted, and any reported only lasted hours to a day following the treatment.

Areas of use:
Lips, below the eyes, cheek folds, jawline, and marionette lines.

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