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Why Dr. Joe Prefers Mentor Implants

Written By Joe Gryskiewicz, MD, FACS

Breast implants are great for improving your breast profile and appearance. With augmented breasts, your clothes have a better fit, and you have improved self-confidence. However, there are different brands of breast implants, including Mentor implants.

All breast implant brands have their particularities and advantages. Of all these implants, Dr. Joe prefers Mentor implants. Kindly read further to find out why Dr. Joe likes Mentor implants and the types of implants available.

What Are Mentor Implants?

Mentor is a breast implant brand with various options for the best breast augmentation results. In addition, the brand has a patient and safety-first approach, ensuring you have peace of mind with your implants.

Mentor implants have undergone thorough testing and are backed by science, ensuring minimal risks for patients. In addition, the implants are FDA-approved, providing a look and feel similar to natural breasts. These implants improve firmness, projection, and fullness in your chest area. A Johnson & Johnson Medical product, Mentor implants are a favorite for Dr. Joe.

Why Mentor Implants?

Dr. Joe prefers Mentor implants because of the results and support they provide. The implants offer unparalleled fullness and firmness, improving breast appearance. The results are also visible immediately after the procedure.

In addition, because the implants are available in several shapes, textures, and sizes, there is one that will suit you. Although prosthetic devices, these implants are long-lasting.

In addition, studies show that women with Mentor implants are satisfied with the results of their surgery. Also, Mentor implants have a promise protection plan that provides a comprehensive warranty for all patients.

Another reason Dr. Joe prefers Mentor implants is that they are the number one global breast aesthetics brand and have been produced for over 30 years.

What Are The Types Of Mentor Implants?

There are different Mentor implant products – which depend on your journey, goals, and feel. The type of Mentor breast implants available include:

1. Mentor MemoryGel Breast Implants

Mentor MemoryGel implants have a uniform hold that feels similar to natural breast tissue. This type of implant is also available in several options for you to choosefrom.. These options have a cohesive gel and have varying projections, firmness, and fullness to suit your goals.

The MemoryGel boost implants give your breast a boost effect without losing the natural feel or appearance of your breasts. Boost provides a fuller look while retaining its shape. Boost is also available in moderate plus and high profiles.

The high boost profile has more projection and fullness than the moderate plus boost profile.

The MemoryGel Xtra breast implants have a soft natural feel while providing increased projection, firmness, and fullness. The implants provide more base widths compared to other implants from competing brands. In addition, MemoryGel Xtra implants are precision-filled with cohesive gel to increase fullness and firmness. Precision-fill means less wrinkling for you.

In addition, this type of MemoryGel implant provides more profile options compared to the MemoryGel boost implants. The implants are also available in moderate plus Xtra, moderate-high Xtra, and high Xtra profiles. The high xtra profile has the most fullness and projection.

MemoryGel breast implants have a widely-desired soft and natural feel peculiar to only Mentor implants. In addition, they are available in several sizes and profiles, including moderate classic, moderate plus, high, and ultra-high.

The moderate classic profile has the least projection and fullness. In contrast, the ultra-high profile has the most projection and fullness.

2. Mentor MemoryShape Breast Implants

Mentor MemoryShape breast implants have an improved design that focuses on retaining the shape of an implant. Although prosthetics may lose their shape over time, MemoryShape implants retain their shape for as long as possible. Therefore, your natural breast projection and appearance remain the same over time.

In addition, this type of Mentor implant has a unique, tapered shape that gives your breasts more projection at the lower pole. Also, the implants have a SILTEX texture that reduces complications associated with breast augmentations.

3. Mentor Saline Breast Implants

Mentor saline breast implants have a close-to-nature feel that allows Dr. Joe to customize the amount of saline in each implant. As a result, the saline implants have a firmer feel and flexible volume. Your surgeon can gradually increase the amount of saline in the implants until you reach your expected breast size.

The Mentor round saline breast implants have a smooth shell. They are available in three projection options – moderate, moderate plus, and high. Furthermore, the implants provide an all-round full look with an enhanced cleavage and a firmer feel.

4. Mentor Breast Tissue Expander

The Mentor breast tissue expander is not an implant but is used to augment the breasts. A breast tissue expander creates space in the breasts for implants. This prosthetic is ideal for people with minimal space for implants.

Dr. Joe inserts the Mentor breast expander during a reconstruction surgery. Over several months, your surgeon will gradually fill the tissue expander with sterile saline fluid. Consequently, your breast tissue gradually expands to fit the space.

Dr. Joe will then replace the expander with an implant when your breast tissue reaches the appropriate size.

There are two types of Mentor tissue expanders:

The Mentor ARTUORA breast tissue expander expands the breast’s lower portion using silicone components. The expander creates a pocket that fits your chosen breast implant and imitates the natural breast slope.

Dr. Joe can choose a breast implant that aligns with the expander to create a final volume and projection that suits your desired goals.

The Mentor CPX4 breast tissue expander is ideal for reconstructing the breast. This expander expands the breast’s lower portion allowing Dr. Joe to add saline solution over time. Furthermore, this breast tissue expander has features that protect the expander’s surface from an accidental needle puncture.

Who Can Get Mentor Breast Implants?

As discussed earlier, there are different types of Mentor breast implants, and there is one for you. Nevertheless, you can’t get an implant if you don’t qualify. To qualify for breast implants, ensure you have realistic expectations. Furthermore, you must be in good health. If you have active infections or any medical issues, discuss them with Dr. Joe. Your surgeon can help you decide whether breast implant surgery is suitable for your particular case.

Generally, breast implants are suitable for people with flattened, sagging, or asymmetrical breasts. In addition, if you have inadequate cleavage or lack volume in your breast, you should be a suitable candidate for breast implants.

Which Mentor Product Is The Best For You?

There is no one size fits all with breast implants. Moreover, because there are several Mentor breast augmentation products, you can’t just choose one. Instead, it would be best if you visited Dr. Joe for a comprehensive examination.

During the examination, Dr. Joe will discuss your expectations, the risks, and the costs of the surgery with you. He will take meticulous measurements. You will also learn more about the Mentor implant range and the one that suits you best. Afterward, your surgeon will create a customized treatment plan for the best results.

What Are The Risks Associated With Mentor Implants?

All breast implant procedures, including the one with Mentor implants, have potential complications. Potential complications include rupture, capsular contracture, discomfort, and delayed wound healing. Furthermore, you may be dissatisfied with the results of your procedure, experience changing sensations in your nipples and breasts, or have delayed wound healing.

Regardless of the complication, it is best to consult your surgeon if you experience discomfort or any unusual symptoms post-surgery.

How Long Are Mentor Implants Expected To Last?

Breast implants are prosthetic devices and are not expected to last for a lifetime. Although Mentor implants last longer than other brands of implants, it is best to visit your surgeon..The average lifetime of the Mentor breast implant is over ten years.

It is important to note that the longer the breast implants remain in your body, the higher the chances of a rupture. In addition, it is best to discuss with your surgeon on post-operative care for your implants and the frequency of an examination.

FAQs about Mentor Breast Implants

Who manufactures Mentor Breast Implants?

Mentor is an innovative and global leader in breast aesthetics. With over 40 years of experience, this company produces quality and science-backed breast implants. Consequently, these prosthetics are safe for patients and last as long as possible. At Mentor, the clinical-based solutions aim at helping you and other women maintain their appearance and improve self-esteem. Furthermore, although there are several types of Mentor implants, each implant comes with safety instructions and guidelines to minimize risks and complications. These implants are FDA-approved, and they comply with safety tests and standards.

How long does it take to recover after Breast Augmentation with Mentor Implants?

After a boob job with Mentor implants, recovery should take an average of a few days and three weeks for strenuous exercise. Recovery varies for everyone. Dr. Joe uses the Quick Recovery Breast Augmentation. Nevertheless, following your surgeon’s instructions is best for a speedy recovery. These instructions may include limiting movement and using pain relievers to reduce discomfort.

When should you replace your breast implants?

Mentor implants are safe and long-lasting. Nevertheless, they are not lifetime devices. You may need to get a replacement after a while. If it ain’t broke, don’e fix it. Usually, an office ultrasound is the best way to know when you need an implant replacement for silicone gel. Ymay need a replacement if you experience:

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This blog has been authored by “Dr. Joe” Gryskiewicz MD, FACS and Karan Chopra, MD.

About Dr. Joe Gryskiewicz:

Dr. Joe Gryskiewicz is a board-certified plastic surgeon with over 30 years of experience performing aesthetic surgery. He is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons and belongs to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, The Aesthetic Society, The Rhinoplasty Society, and many other national institutions.

About Dr. Karan Chopra:

Dr. Karan Chopra is a board-certified and fellowship-trained plastic surgeon who specializes in the deep plane facelift and neck lift, blepharoplasty, buccal fat removal, breast augmentation, and many other aesthetic procedures. He belongs to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, The Aesthetic Society, and The Minnesota Society of Plastic Surgeons, among many other professional organizations.